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North Wilkesboro Housing Authority

"Not a Handout... Just a Helping Hand"

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Mission Statement 
Go Team

The North Wilkesboro Housing Authority (NWHA) is dedicated to serving our community's housing needs using all resources available and providing decent, safe and quality affordable housing to eligible families.

Our Vision

NWHA is committed to ensuring that the NWHA continues to implement programs and services designed to foster self-sufficiency for the residents, while providing quality affordable housing. 

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Our Staff

Our staff is educated and focused on helping in need families by providing resources to best suit their needs. NWHA staff are ready and willing to help provide safe and affordable housing to all who qualify.  All staff members are working together to apply NWHA’s vision daily. We are continually working to be our best to better serve our community. 

Checking Text on a Document


Take a look at NWHA's lease! Here you will find almost everything in your lease packet. 

Contract Review


Looking for a specific policy? Find it here!



Take advantage of all the PDF documents available through our website! 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone or email. 

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