Resident Services 

This "one stop" center provides public housing residents with resources to enable them to attain self-sufficiency. Services are provided through collaborative partnerships with area service agencies. Some of the services offered include: after-school program, case management, crisis intervention, and self-empowerment skills. 

The NWHA operate Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) for public housing residents. The FSS program is designed to help unemployed or underemployed residents achieve economic self-sufficiency. Participants are encouraged to obtain additional education, job training, counseling, volunteer experience, budgeting assistance and to learn healthy lifestyle behaviors. They are given five years to accomplish this goal and receive individual case management during the tenure of the program.

NWHA operates the ROSS program which provides case managements and supportive service programs for the residents of public housing. Through this program residents are assisted with training, employment, transportation and other ancillary services to assist in their efforts to become self-sufficient.

A variety of on-site, after-school, and year-round programs for children and youth are offered by NWHA in collaboration with agencies such as Communities in Schools, Wilkes Arts Council, Boys &Girls Clubs, and NC Agricultural Extension Program. These programs provide homework assistance, cultural enrichment and computer education which aid in preparing NWHA youth for the future.


Resident Services Calendar 


Skyview Investment Center: 

Office Hours:

Office hours for the Family Investment Center revolve around FSS & ROSS schedules.

For more information please call the Investment Center at (336) 667-9230 or call the Main Office at (336) 667-3203. 

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