March 1, 2022
IFB 03-01-22.1

SCOPE OF WORK: The North Wilkesboro Housing Authority(NWHA) is seeking bids from qualified entities to provide the following detailed lawn maintenance services for Riverview Heights and Skyview Village:

1. On-going Mowing and Trimming Services.

      1.1 All grass areas specified by NWHA shall be mowed once every other week during            the growing season from April through October unless drought conditions exist.             

      Mowing height shall typically be 3 to 3 1/2 inches.

     1.2 All grass areas to be mowed will be policed for loose trash and debris prior to 


    1.3 All grass clippings will be either removed (vacuumed) or blown back onto the grass

     from sidewalks, parking lots, porches or other non-grass areas of the housing site,
     either that results in a neat appearance.

    1.4 Any damages to NWHA property from mowing, or other services performed by the
    contractor, will be the contractor’s sole responsibility to repair in a timely manner.

   1.5 All grass areas inaccessible to mowing equipment will be trimmed prior to mowing as
   needed to maintain a neat, well-groomed appearance. Grass should not be sprayed and
   killed in areas where this could cause erosion. Ex: next to buildings and clotheslines.
   These areas should be trimmed.

2. Weed Control
    2.1 Weed control will be performed weekly by hand or by pre- and post-emergent

    2.2 Contractor shall comply with all City of North Wilkesboro, State of North Carolina,   

   and applicable federal laws regarding application of any herbicide, pesticide or other   

   agent to weeds and grass.

3. Contractor’s Responsibilities
   3.1 Equipment, Supplies, Materials: As a part of the proposed fees, the contractor shall
   supply any and all such items needed to provide the services detailed herein; meaning,
   the HA shall not pay any additional fees for such. Contractor must have equipment
   necessary to mow one site each week, be able to remove snow from sidewalks, and cut
   and remove trees as needed.

   3.2 Safety: The contractor shall, at all times, ensure that all work provided by the
   contractor complies with all local, State and Federal rules pertaining to work place

   safety; meaning, the contractor shall, at all times, conduct business in such a manner as
   to protect its workers, HA residents, HA staff, and the public. Further, the contractor
   shall have full and sole responsibility to correct any such condition found unsafe by any
   authorized entity (including the HA), and, if such unsafe conditions result to any group
   named within this section, shall have full and sole responsibility to compensate such
   persons if so ordered by an authorized agency or court having jurisdiction.

   3.3 Ensuing Debris: The contractor shall, as detailed herein, remove all ensuring debris
   from the HA property after each mowing.

   3.4 Contact With the HA: It is the responsibility of the bidder to address all
   communication and correspondence pertaining to this IFB process to the
   Executive Director only. Bidders must not make inquiry or communicate with any
   other HA staff member or official (including members of the Board of Commissioners)
   pertaining to this IFB. Failure to abide by this requirement may be cause for the HA
   to not consider a bid submittal received from any bidder who has not abided by
   this directive.

   3.5 Pre-bid Conference: The scheduled pre-bid conference to be held on Thursday, March
   10, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. at the HA office located at 101 Hickory Street, North
   Wilkesboro, NC is not mandatory.

4. Additional Potential labor that may be required. At some point during the contract period the HA may require the contractor to provide the following services. The HA will dictate the days and times of such services, if retained. The contractor will provide the services for a fee per service negotiated by the HA and contractor.
   4.1 Pruning and Tree Trimming: Pruning of shrubs (not to exceed 6’ in height) on property
   and disposal of ensuing materials.

   4.2 Tree Removal: Complete removal of trees exceeding 6’ in height on property and
   disposal of ensuing materials.

   4.3 Snow Removal: Removal of snow from parking lots and sidewalks when the snowfall
   total exceeds 4 inches.

   4.4 Mulching of Playgrounds and Other Areas: Mulch playgrounds with rubber mulch and
   other areas with wood mulch. Cost per load to provide and spread mulch.

5. BID Format:

   5.1 Profile of Firm Form: The Profile of the Firm Form is attached hereto as Attachment C       to this IFB document. This 2-page Form must be fully completed, executed and     


   5.2 Proposed Services (Attachment D) : This form must be completely filled out and

   5.4 Table 5.1 (Attachment E)

   5.5 Form HUD 5370-C. General Contract Conditions for Non-Construction Contracts,
   Section II: This form is attached hereto as Attachment F to this IFB document. This
   three-page form must be submitted.

   5.6 Equal Employment Opportunity: The bidder must sign Attachment G, Equal
   Opportunity Employment Policy and submit with bid.

   5.7 Section 3 Business preference Documentation (Optional Item): For any bidder claiming
   a Section 3 Business Preference, he/she shall include the fully completed and executed
   Section 3 Business Preference Certification Form attached hereto as Attachment D and
   any documentation that the bidder believes is appropriate to assist the HA in its

   6.1 Bids must be received Thursday, March 17, 2022 by 2:00 p.m.

   6.2 Responsive Evaluation: After receiving all bids submittals, an evaluation for
   responsiveness (i.e. meets the minimum of the requirements) will be made. Firms not
   meeting the minimum that are deemed to be non-responsive will be notified of such in
   writing by the HA in a timely manner (in any case, no less than 5 days after such
   determination is made).

   6.3 Responsible Evaluation: The HA will evaluate the apparent lowest responsive bidder to
   ensure that he/she is responsible (i.e. a firm that is qualified, responsible and able to
   provide to the HA the required services). If the HA ascertains that such firm has the
   required ability, capability, experience, knowledge, licensing, insurance and resources to
   provide the required services, the HA may proceed with award. If the HA determines
   that such firm is deemed to be not responsible, such firm will be notified of such in
   writing by the HA in a timely manner (in any case, in no less than 5 days after such
   determination is made); in such case the HA may proceed with the noted Responsive
   and Responsible Evaluations with the next lowest bidder.

   6.4 The North Wilkesboro Housing Authority reserves the right to reject any and all bids     

   and waive any irregularities in bidding.

   7.1 The HA anticipates that it will initially award a contract for the period of 1 year with the
   option, at the HA’s discretion, of 2 additional one-year option periods, for a maximum
   total of 3 years.

8. HUD MAINTENANCE WAGE RATES DETERMINATION (MWRD): HUD has determined that, for non-construction maintenance work (work not covered by Davis-Bacon requirements), the HA must ensure that contractors do not pay its employees that perform such work for the HA at a rate less than $8.71 per hour for mowing and trimming and $12.23 per hour for tree trimming and pruning as listed on the HUD MWRD. Therefore, by submitting a bid, each bidder is thereby agreeing to and verifying that he/she will not pay his/her employees at rates less than detailed in the last sentence. The contractor will not be required to submit certified payrolls; however, the contractor must make its payroll records available to either the HA or HUD on request, and failure on the part of the contractor to comply with this requirement will be the sole responsibility of the contractor, including any ensuing penalties, court costs, or wages due to employees as a result of the contractor’s failure to comply.

9. INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS: An original certificate evidencing General Liability coverage, naming the HA as an additional insured, together with the appropriate endorsement to said policy reflecting the addition of the HA as an additional insured under said policy (minimum of $1,000,000 each occurrence, general aggregate minimum limit of $1,000,000, together with damage to premises of $50,000 and medical expenses any one person of ($5,000), with a deductible of not greater than $1,000.